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They think that Lennie is queer. And behave as a kid. And he surtend cant control his strength. He can maby hurt the others on the fars so George is talking for him and protect him from himself.


I know they have known each other a very long time becaus they have been friends when they ware yung. They lived in Weeds together. Clara asked George to take care of him becaus he is not good in the head. And in weeds Lennie gets in truble for thuch a ladys shirt. George helps Lennie to get away. they hide for some time. And later they want to get a jobb to earn money so they can have a farm of theyr own. George knows everything of Lennie and that he is very srtong and if he lose his mind he can kill becaus it have hapend along time ago. So he did obyasly know that Lennie gets in truble again.

1.  The Grapes of wrath.

2.  He was born in California 27. February 1902

3.  Cannery Row, The Pearl and East of Eden.

4.  He published Of Mice and Men in 1937.

5.  He served as a war correspondent for the new york herald tribune.

6.  Haakon VII medal of freedom for his literary contributions to the Norwegian resistance movement.

7.   National Steinbeck Center.

8.  He was 66 years old when he died.

9.  Norway got inspired of Resistance in Nazi occupied village.

10.  George Milton: he is friend with Lennie and looks after him and dreams of a better life.

Lennie Small: He travels with George and he like rabbits. He isn’t bright and like fury things. He is strong and cant control it. He accidental kills mice and animals he likes.

 Question 1.

Grace: Is a mean girl hanging with Cordelia and Carol.

Carol: Is a mean girl hanging with Cordelia and Grace.

Elaine: Main character, she is a good girl and afraid for Cordelia.

Cordelia: She is bossy and baleful and dont like other to laugh at her. She is mean to Elaine.

Jill: Elaine’s new friend.

Question 2.

Don’t get bad friends who don’t respect who u are.

Question 3.

I dislike that the other girls are mean to her and take the hat and put it on the ice. I dislike that the other girls are angry on her because her motherphoned theyr mothers.

1. He was born november 30, 1835.

2. He died April 21, 1910.

3. Real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens.

3. He was a writer.

4. He wrote adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

5. When Twain was four his family moved to Hannibal.

6. when Twain was 11 his father died of pneumonia.

7. When he was 18 he left Hannibal and worked as a printer in New York City, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Cincinnati.

8. Twain liked Charles Langdon’s sister Olivia.

9. Twain got married to Olivia in february.

10. Twain died of a heart attack on April 21, 1910 in Redding Connecticut.

They could have been with him allot more so he will not be so lonely. They could make it nice to live in the barn. Helped with the problems and take good care of him. They could help him to take on things carefully. And then make him more social to all other people. Get him a work. And learn him how to handle a rabbit 🙂

Once upon a time it was a little girl called the little red riding hood. She was the most dangerous person in the whole village. She was a cannibal and liked to eat meat. She had even ate her mom. So she was thinking on eating her grandmother to.

So she was on the way to her grandma, and into the woods. She meet a ugly (but certainly tasty) wolf on the way. she stopped, and thoth that she can have a snack before she continued her journey, but the ugly wolf was gone before she even looked at him again. she began to move to her grandma again. This time the ugly wolf saw her and ran to his tribe, and told them that it was a little child in the woods so they could get some food.

Now the little red riding hood was at her grandmas door steps, and she knocked on the door with her hands. The old woman inside come visible, and cryed out who knocked on her door. IT IS ME! screamed little red riding hood, and pushed the old woman over the door step that she fall and broke her neck. Little red riding hood dragged the dead woman inside, and into the the kitchen. little red riding started to eat from a foot and up and down again to the other foot. After that she was fatt as a hippo, but clearly like dangerous as before.

 It knocked at the door again, and the little red riding hood was surprised. She saw that it was four wolf outside and the rest of the wolf was still in the woods waiting to them to come back with her. She rushed and put on a wolf coat from grandmas wardrobe and put it on. She opened the door and a wolf cryed out WHERE IS SHE? Who the little red riding hood. The little kid who we saw walked in here. Damn what have happened with your face it is full of blood. Yeees said the little red riding hood. I was hungry. You ate her up? a wolf cryed. No i didn’t, but come on in I have lots of food inside said the little red riding hood. The wolf walked in and in the living room. damn what messy it is in here. yeees said the little red riding hood. I like it this way she said. damn you are fat said a wolf. Yeees said little red riding hood. Ant it is room for more! Then she ate all the wolf up, and she was happy for they have come. She was so tierd that she walked to her grandmas bed for sleeping, but she never woke up. She was suffocated by hairballs from the wolfs.


1. I live near your house.

2. Everybody staid home, except me.

3. I’m hiding behind my house.

4. Do you know where I come from?

5. I dont leave without my friends.

6. He is from Norway.

7. I live with my parents.

8. He is at school.

9. He stole some candy from the shop.

10. They lived among animals.

What is a noun?:  It is a person, place or a thing.

What is an adjective?:   A word that describes a noun.

What is an adverb?: A word that describes the verb and all words that end in ly are adverbs.

What is a verb?: A verb is something you do.

What is a conjunction?: A conjunction is something that binds  sentences together.

What is a pronoun?: A pronoun is something you can replace a name, person or thing.

What is a reflexive pronoun?: A reflexive pronoun is for example myself, themselves and ourselves.

What is a preposition?: A preposition is a short word that can mark a place or time. A preposition links a sentence together.

Please bend these 5 verbs: (infinitive, preteritum, perfectum)
1. To jump: Jump, jumped, have jumped
2. To run: Run, ran, have run
3. To throw: Throw, threw, have thrown
4. To begin: Begin, began, have begun
5. To climb: Climb, climbed, have climbed
6. Write 10 pronouns: It, them, mine, they, I, she, our, we, you, he.
7. Write 10 nouns: box, Oslo, knife, wall, game,window, Jordalsgrenda, tent, pc, train.                                                                                                         8. Write 5 sentences and underline the verb in each sentence. All sentences should be at least 6 words long.

*I am playing computer at the moment.

*You are eating candy in my house.

*He threw the stick in the junk.

*She lost the cat somewhere in the large house.

*I drove the truck over the hill.

Jack wakes up in a forest he never have seen before and he don’t remember anything. A strange smell and a big boom coming from the beach. When he came to the beach, Jack sees a big air-plain, and hundreds of people laing in the sand and locking confused on Jack. Jack try to help everbody who is hurt, but it’s so many people who need help.  Many peoples die on the beach.

It is 62 survivors on the beach. Some strange people came and killed 3 of the 62 survivors and disappear suddenly. Everyone is waiting for someone to rescue them, but they never come. When the night fall on, the strange people is back and try to take someone inside the big forest. They have taken 5 people in two days they have been there. Survivors is making a plan to stop the attacks from the unknown peoples.

No one is killed this time, but they all think the unknown peoples is coming back sometime. Jack is the doctor who has helped peoples from day one. He find a transceiver but it don’t work, so they going to Sayid for help. Sayid is a military communications officer who is good with that sort of things. Sayid got it fixed but they have to head to higher ground. when they got there, they pick up a mysterious broadcast. Charlie, a guitar player who was with them ask the question everybody was been thinking “where are we?”

Jack finds a cave they can move in to, but all wasn’t happy to move in a cave, they wanted to stay on the beach and wait for rescue.